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Web Hosting Resources
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Control Panel BACK TO TOP
What is the CPanel? The CPanel is an end user account manager where you can administer and make changes to your account. You can create email accounts, add extra (addon) domains to your hosting account, add mailing lists, ..etc.
How do I access the CPanel?

http://yourdomain.com:2082/ or you can use the IP address in your Activation email (http://IP:2082/) or you can log-in securly (SSL log-in) through https://yourdomain.com:2083. You will be prompted to enter your username and password before you log in.

The main page of your cpanel includes the General account information table which you can check frequently to monitor your disk usage, bandwidth usage, and the other features provided with your hosting package.

What is the Mail section (page)? The Mail page allows you to admin your E-Mail accounts/tools. In this section you can create POP (real email) accounts, forwarders, autoresponders, mailing lists and set a default (catch-all) account. You can also block an email address or to activate the Spam Assassin feature to block spam.
What is the Parked Domain? The Parked Domain is a feature which enables you to point extra domain name(s) to your main domain name of your account (example: domain.net & domain.org to be pointing to yourdomain.com).
What is the Addon Domain?

The Addon Domain is a feature which enables you to add extra domain name(s) to your hosting account and each domain has its own separate website. (example: domain1.com & domain2.com, etc) as your visitors can access each addon domain separately and each addon domain will appear as a completely different website.

To add an Addon Domain, please log-in to your cpanel, click on Addon Domains icon, enter the following info:
New Domain Name: the addon domain which you like to add to your account (example: yourfriendname.com)
Username/directory/subdomain Name: the name of the subfolder of your account to upload the files of that addon domain (example: yourfriendname)
Password: any password (NOT your main account password), this password will be used to access the special FTP account of that addon domain

What is the FTP Manager? The FTP Manager allows you to create FTP accounts to grant access to specific subfolders of your account with separate usernames and passwords.
What is the File Manager? The File Manager gives you many options. Here you can upload the files of your site, delete files, edit files, change the permissions (CHMOD) and many other features.
What is the Web/FTP Stats? The Web/FTP Stats section has many features. You can view your Graphical Web Stats here or check ANALOG stats. You can also check the error log, which can help in identifying errors in CGI scripts. Also in this menu are the canned cgi scripts. These are scripts which you can automatically installed into your account and run with no configuration. The Chat Room and Search Engine Submitter is also in this menu.
What is the CGI Center & Scripts Library? In this screen you will find the canned cgi scripts. These are scripts which you can automatically install into your account and run with no configuration. The Chat Room, Search Engine Submitter, Counter, Guestbook and many other scripts are found in this section.
How can I access Web Mail? You can access Web Mail at http://your-domain.com/webmail/ or https://your-domain.com:2096 . If it is your main (catch-all) email account , the username is your main hosting account username and main password. If it is an extra POP account, the username is your email address ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and the email account password. We currently use NeoMail and Horde interfaces as our WebMail System.
Where can I find more information on the Mailing List? We have installed MailMan for clients to use with their accounts. More information can be found at their website located at http://www.list.org/.
What are the Error Pages listed in the CPanel? The error pages are pages that will show up if an incorrect request by a web page viewer has been made. If you create a 404 error page as a file named 404.shtml, then users will see this page if they try to go to a page which does not exist on your site.
  • 400 - Bad Request
  • 401 - Authorization Required
  • 403 - Forbidden
  • 404 - Page Not Found
  • 500 - Internal Server Erro
What is the Raw Access Log? The Raw Access Log allows you to download your Apache Log File in .gz format. This will allow you to see all access entries to your page. Access Logs are cleared once a month normally.
What is the Password Protect Directories feature? The Password Protect Directories feature allows you to easily password protect a folder in your account. With this feature you can add/delete users. The users will be prompted to enter a username and password before they are allowed access to a certain folder. This uses the Apache .htaccess and .htpasswd method.
What is the Cron Tab feature? The Cron Tab feature give you Web Access to the Cron program. The cron program will run a script every time you specify it to run. For example: For example, 0 * * * * would mean every sunday and 0 0 * * * would mean at midnight. NOTE: We do not allow Cron Jobs every minute.


Can I change the MX records on my account?

Yes, please log-in to your cpanel, click on Mail icon, click on Modify Mail Exchanger (MX entry) and enter the new MX record as a fully qualified domain name (eg. mail.email_server.com).
NOTE: Once MX records are changed another email server will handle your email. You will no longer be able to send and receive email on our servers. If you have problems with email after the records are changed you should contact the site handling your email first as we are no longer in control of the email servers handling your domain.
Changing the MX record may cause some problem to CGI problems use SendMail and MailFrom paramaters, After changing the MX record we will not support any Mail problems!

What is my SMTP server? Your SMTP server is mail.yourdomain.com.
What is my POP server? Your POP server is mail.yourdomain.com.
I am unable to send E-mail? In order to send email through our servers you must authorize yourself to do so. To do this you must checking incoming email first. If you are using Outlook or Outlook Express you can go to Tools > Accounts... > Mail (tab at the BACK TO TOP of the new window > Double click on the email account you set up > Click on Servers (tab at the BACK TO TOP of the new window) > put a check in the box that says "My server requires authentication. If this does not work it is possible that your ISP is blocking outside email servers so that you must use their outgoing email servers. This is done by the ISP in an error to block SPAM. MindSpring and AT&T are known to be some ISPs which do this. If your ISP does block outgoing email servers you can use the Web Mail feature in your cpanel to send/recieve email.
How do I add E-Mail accounts? You can create email accounts through your control panel. To get to your control panel at http://yourdomain.com/cpanel/ , click on Mail icon, click on Add/remove accounts. clicko n Add a new account.
I forgot a password to an E-mail account. If you forgot a password to a regular E-mail account you can log into your control panel at http://yourdomain.com/cpanel/ and go to the Mail Section. In that section go to Add/Remove accounts. There is a feature to change the password on the email account.
What E-Mail program should I use? As long as your E-Mail program supports POP3 it should work with our system. If using Windows, we suggest Outlook or Outlook Express.
What is your policy on SPAM? CarolHost.com does not allow customers to send out UCE or SPAM. We have a zero tolerance policy on SPAM. If you have recieved SPAM or UCE from a CarolHost.com mail server, please forward to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
What is the default (catch-all) E-Mail account? The default email account, or catch-all account, is the E-Mail account which all email to your domain name will route to unless there is a previously created E-Mail account. By default the account is set to your default username. This can be changed in the Control Panel.
I am unable to use Netscape for Email. If you are using netscape as your email client there is one change you must make in your username, most email usernames are in the form of This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . However, if you are using netscape you need to change this to email%domain.com


Program Locations BACK TO TOP
What is the path to PERL? /usr/bin/perl
What is the path to SENDMAIL? /usr/sbin/sendmail
What is the path to DATE? /bin/date
What is the path of my files? /home/yourusername Web readable files are in /home/username/public_html
What is the path to PYTHON? /usr/bin/python


What is MySQL? MySQL is the most popular Open Source SQL Database system. A database is a structured collection of data. MySQL allows you to quickly access, edit add to the database.
How do I create a new database?

You can create new databases in the MySQL screen of the Cpanel located at http://your-domain.com/cpanel/.

First, you must create the actual database. You just need to enter a name for the database such as users. The database will be created as yourusername_users.

Once done, you will need to create a username and password in the MySQL system. A username could be access. When created it will be yourusername_access.

Once done, you need to add the user into the database using the Add User to Db button located in the MySQL screen. This is the final step of creating a MySQL database.

Can I install phpMyAdmin? No, users are not allowed to install their own versions of phpMyAdmin. Instead, we offer this program through the CPanel for you to use. PhpMyAdmin is at the bottom of the MySQL screen in the CPanel.
How can I backup my MySQL Database? You can use PhpMyAdmin to dump the contexts of a database to a *.sql file. You can also use PhpMyAdmin to restore a database from a *.sql file.
Where can I find more information on MySQL? Official MySQL site: http://www.mysql.com


Subdomains BACK TO TOP
What is a sub domain and how does it work? An example of a sub domain is http://stock.domain.com , When you create a sub domain as stock.domain.com, it will point to the "stock" folder in your public_html directory. These are not forwarders, but true apache sub domains.
How can I enable sub domains? The feature of sub domains is already enabled on your account.
WWW does not work with my sub domain, why? When you create a sub domain you can only access it at http://sub.domain.com. You can not access it at http://www.sub.domain.com. We can set it for you manually to be working with www, you just need to submit a support request via our support page to let us do it for you free of charge.




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